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Using Chiropractic, sports massage, LLT, kinesiology tape, stretches and exercises to help increase performance, balance the body, and maintain health. 


The goal is to help increase performance through improved communications between the body and the brain.  Increases in proprioception(sensory input) in joints and surrounding structures, help the brain to increase performance. Sometimes the brain need to be exercised also. This is accomplished through exercise and firing of nerves. 


Interference in this signaling can come in the forms of subluxation, muscle tension, decrease in muscle function, decreased motion, and other medical issues. When there is interference in the signaling, there is decreased communication between the brain and the end organs. This in turn causes a decrease in function of joint and other body structures.







Sports Massage


Kinesiology tape






Focusing on Performance & Health:

Chiropractic care

Sports Massage

LLT low level laser therapy

Kinesiology tape application

Posture changes


Proprioception Changes

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