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How does Kinesiology Equine tape work?

Kinesiology tape microscopically lifts the skin allowing lymph and blood to flow more freely bringing needed nutrients and oxygen to the target area.



Doesn’t the hair get in the way?

Horse hair is very sensitive and acts as a sensing mechanism. We have specifically designed Kinesiology Equine tape to work directly on the hair to provide stimulation to the underlying skin.


How long will the tape stay on my horse?

Typically the tape will stay on for 3-5 days, depending on placement. It will help to wipe off excessive dirt or dust from the area being taped or you may want to clean and dry the area before taping. Tape can be left on until it just falls off or it can be removed.


How do I remove the tape?

Do not rip the tape off but gently pull it off in the direction of the hair growth. You can use your other hand to push down on the skin as you roll the tape off. This will make it more comfortable for your horse.


Is there medicine in the tape?

No, Kinesiology Equine tape is made of natural materials with no latex or medicine applied to the tape.


Does the tape color mean anything?

Yellow promotes mental alertness; green is calming; and brown is an earthy, natural color.


Yesterday was one of the most awesome days I have had. I left a trail of Kinesiotape and laser
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Dr Kase at the track
works on the lymph
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China olympics
works on lymph

Can I use the tape with other types of treatments?

Yes! Kinesiology tape works well with other modalities such as cryotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. Kinesiology tape can actually enhance the effects of other modalities and extend the benefits of these treatments for a longer period of time.


Are there any precautions I should take when taping my horse?

Kinesiology equine tape should not be applied over damaged skin, infections, or open wounds. Do not use too much tension when applying tape – most taping applications can be applied with little or no tension. It is better to use less tension – too much tension may cause irritation or itching.


Can Kinesiology Equine tape be used on humans?

It is not advisable. Kinesiology Equine tape was specifically designed for horses and has a stronger adhesive than human tape


The tape gets stuck on itself when I try to apply it. How do I stop this?

Take the tape backing off slowly and a little bit at a time. You can lay the tape down on the skin as you are pulling off the backing rather than trying to apply the whole length of tape at once. Taking all the backing off at once makes it very hard to handle the tape.




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